Service Overview

TSG's success is partly due to the excellence of the products provided by the key vendors that we represent. We operate a clearly defined 'best of breed' policy, ensuring that all of the products we supply provide the optimum price and performance required by our customers.

The Cooling Tower, after many years of services, needs always the revamping and upgrading. TSG Intertrade, provide very large range of services:


  • Inspection of the Cooling Tower

  • Inspection of the mechanical groups

Measurement :

  • Noise measurment

  • Vibration measurment

  • Thermal Performance measurment

Revamping and Repairing:

  • Revision of mechanical group
  • Replacement of the internal parts
  • Upgrading Performance
  • Energy Saving


  • Spare Part
    1. Motor
    2. Drive Shafts
    3. Gear Reducer
    4. Oil indicator
    5. Vibration Switches
    6. Fan
    7. FRP Stack
    8. PVC or Wooden Eliminator
    9. PVC / Wooden Fill
    10. Internal Wooden parts
    11. Nozzle
    12. FRP Pipe
    13. Control Valve
    14. Electrical and measurement components
    15. Control System
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical Products

All or part of the above services could be grouped in Global Contract Services which is included also with :

  • Guarantee on Thermal Performance

  • Guarantee on the Cooling Tower Capacity

  • Guarantee on the Water Quality

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